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A monthly newsletter covering the rapidly expanding, global foam technology market
A single document that covers the broad landscape of global foam technology developments around the world.

Save time
Whether you just need to stay atop foam developments across the world or if you’re an active foam practitioner – FoamUpdate keeps you informed of the latest foam technology development from across the globe.

Foam Update routinely features guest editors who are experts in the industry. 


Global Scope

FoamUpdate covers patents, applications and developments from across the globe.

Global Reach – from North America, Europe, Asia to emerging markets
FoamUpdate includes abstracts from selected patents and applications as well as Journal papers from North America, Europe, Japan, Asia and emerging countries.

Network of Foam Experts from across the globe
Insight and perspective from a network of foam experts through the editorial and its response.

An opportunity to evaluate lab results for developmental opportunities
By staying on top of foam developments, you’ll have the opportunity to test and evaluate the latest lab results and uses for new developmental opportunities.


Test and evaluate the latest foam developments.

Good Information for on the job training.

Updates for the newest processes and applications. 

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It’s accessible for everyone.

Helpful features designed for those in the industry, researchers and universities.

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